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Perpetual Asset Management Europe

Perpetual Asset Management Europe

Perpetual Asset Management

Perpetual Asset Management is a dynamic, multi-boutique manager operating to support the needs of institutional and professional clients. We bring a broad range of unique and high-quality investment strategies to clients across the UK, Europe and Asia through our sophisticated distribution capabilities and our partnerships with our boutiques: Barrow Hanley Global Investors, J O Hambro Capital Management, Regnan and Trillium Asset Management.

Perpetual Boutiques

Perpetual provides our investment boutiques with both distribution capabilities and support services to enable them to focus on delivering investment excellence to clients.

Barrow Hanley

Barrow Hanley is a leader in global value investing, partnering with clients around the world to provide attentive service, insightful perspectives, and competitive returns. Founded in 1979 and based in Dallas, USA, it offers strategies in both equities and fixed income. Barrow Hanley is guided by a belief in its ability to partner with clients to achieve their distinct goals.

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J O Hambro

A boutique with a strong culture of independent and original thought leadership, J O Hambro offers a range of unique long-only equity strategies. There is no house view and strategies are delivered by empowered investment teams focused on achieving outperformance through approaches that are differentiated, active and high conviction.

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A specialist in sustainable and impact investment strategies, Regnan delivers innovative solutions, drawing on over 25 years’ experience at the frontier of responsible investment. The firm seeks to offer an approach that is nuanced, intellectually robust and effective, based on system-level thinking and deep thematic research that identify attractive investment opportunities in addressing systemic challenges.

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Trillium is an impact-driven, ESG-focused firm, one of the first dedicated to aligning values with investment objectives. At the forefront of ESG thought leadership and drawing from decades of experience focused exclusively on responsible investing, Trillium uses a holistic, fully integrated fundamental investment process to uncover compelling long-term investment opportunities.

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Important notice

October 17, 2023.

We are aware that our brand name could be being used in association with a fraud. Individuals may be falsely impersonating a member of Perpetual’s investments or advice teams targeting investors and fund-raising through email. These are not legitimate approaches from Perpetual Asset Management, and we urge investors to be vigilant about unexpected and suspicious emails that claim to represent Perpetual Asset Management. If you have any concerns, queries, or would like to report fraudulent activity, please contact compliance@johcm.co.uk